Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Nation

Now that things are simmering down, I can get back to blogging :D

I thought a perfect post, would be my brand love for Lilly. I mean seriously though, who doesn't love Lilly? Especially now, when the only thing clouding up my mind is Spring. Oh how I want you Spring.
I agree with the College Prepster, when she said that she half expected when waking up on March 1 that it would be Spring. But unfortunately, the East Coast is still like an ice cube.

Basically the closest thing I have to Spring at the moment is me sitting in front of my computer for hours browsing the new Lilly collections.

Just looking at all the bright patterns, and beautiful designs, makes me happy. It puts a little brightness back in my dreary rainy day.

Here are the top items on my wishlist :)

My goal is to start updating my summer/spring wardrobe, and of course Lilly will be the base of all my accessories, clothing, etc etc.

Which Lilly piece is your favorite?