Friday, December 14, 2012

J.Crew Gift Guide

   11th day of christmas- J.Crew Gifts!(All under $50).

      So I put together the best gifts that were reasonably priced for you guys from J.Crew. I think I have some last minute additions to my Christmas List now!

      I threw in a bunch of phone cases, and small knick knacks that can also act as stocking stuffers, but are all super useful to have, and you'll get a lot of use out of them!

J.Crew gift guide

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guides-Kate Spade

       With the holidays just around the corner, I've decided to start my 12 days of Christmas Gift Guides! So I decided the best way to kick off is with of course, the only the only, Kate Spade. I threw a bunch of perfect gifts for the special girls in your life, and they are all under $50! Wether it's your girlfriend, your best friend, or daughter, these gifts will definitely not disappoint.

1. Call Me Crazy Iphone Case- $40-A cute phone case that is pretty funny too!

2.Green Bow Earrings- $38-a cutesy pair of earrings sure to brighten anyones day!

3.Word Search Mug-$20-definitely what I'm getting my mom! This way she'll actually have a pleasant thing to  look at when her coffee wakes her up.

4.Idiom Bangles-$34-they come in a bunch of colors and with different saying engraved in each one!

5. Pucker Up lipstick-Every girl needs at least one red lipstick for that pop of color every once in a while.

6.2013 agenda- $38-cute way to stay organized this new year!

7. Nail Polish- $28-what girl doesn't love nailpolish? I don't know of any!

8.Good As Gold engraved necklace-$58-give this to someone who means a lot to you as a token of your love! It goes with any outfit which gives them an excuse to never take it off.

9.Rope bracelet-$32-you can dress it up or down, and it has a beautiful nautical look to it that I simply adore!

10.Polka Dot Thermos-$35- for the woman on the go! maybe the cutest thermos that I would want to take to school or work any day and every day!

11.Seize The Day paperweight-$30- the perfect inspirational item to have on your worker bee's desk!

12.Composition Notebook Phone case- $40-For the student. enough said.

13. Orange Stone earrings-$48- perfect for any fashionista who loves her bold jewelry that is one of a kind!

Friday, December 7, 2012

J.Crew Outift #1

A classic J.Crew look.  Simple, sophisticated, sparkly, and of course it's adorable.  What's not to love? Well, some people would probably say the price, this particular outfit retails for about $480. But as a student who doesn't necessarily have $480 lying around for clothes shopping, I needed to find some way to fulfill my need for preppy style.  So, I got to thinking, I could recreate these outfits, but in a more cost-effective manner. So these are the steals that I was able to find!

Now, I know that $116 might also seem a little pricey, but its five times cheaper than J.Crew. And let's be real, we all already have jeans, and most have white button downs, and who knows! maybe you even have a grey sweater too! So personally, that eliminates $76 for me, and for you probably $48. So really you only need about $50 to create this outfit! And every piece in this combination is one that you can get plenty of wear out of and use in a variety of ways.