Friday, December 7, 2012

J.Crew Outift #1

A classic J.Crew look.  Simple, sophisticated, sparkly, and of course it's adorable.  What's not to love? Well, some people would probably say the price, this particular outfit retails for about $480. But as a student who doesn't necessarily have $480 lying around for clothes shopping, I needed to find some way to fulfill my need for preppy style.  So, I got to thinking, I could recreate these outfits, but in a more cost-effective manner. So these are the steals that I was able to find!

Now, I know that $116 might also seem a little pricey, but its five times cheaper than J.Crew. And let's be real, we all already have jeans, and most have white button downs, and who knows! maybe you even have a grey sweater too! So personally, that eliminates $76 for me, and for you probably $48. So really you only need about $50 to create this outfit! And every piece in this combination is one that you can get plenty of wear out of and use in a variety of ways.

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