Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to the Basics

  Wether I am sitting on my computer doing online shopping, browsing the mall, doing some boutique window shopping ,or my favorite, thrifting, I have learned one very important lesson.

Always, always, stick to the basics. 
     By this I mean don't buy something just because it's the hot new trend, because chances are in a month you'll  look like you are wearing something that is literally 'so last month'. This is where my advice kicks in. Stick to the oxfords, the khakis, the ballet flats. Stick to the Lilly, the J.Crew, the Ralph Lauren.
     Why? Because they will never go out of style, they are investments that will be worth your while. Think about it, how many years have people been wearing button downs? or pearls?(which do make any outfit 10x better)
     But if you are keen on the fads, and hottest new trends, only buy the accesories that correspond with them, that way you can spice up the classic outfits you already have to give you more diversity and flexibility in your wardrobe.

Here is my little list of the staples, that if they aren't in your closet, you need to go get...like now.

(Next week I will do a more detailed post on the brands to stick too, and how to save some money while doing so)

Basics 1

PS- Stay tuned for more of my basics posts!

Any staples that you just adore?! Comment below!