Friday, January 25, 2013

Deep Breaths


   No matter what age you are, stress mever just goes away. Unfortunately it's just a part of being human. As a high schooler and teenager I've lately had to deal with a lot of stress. and unlucky for me whenever I get overly stressed I get really sick.
     I feel as if being a teenager is going to be one of the hardest parts of life. Its when you get run over by responsibilty, drama, and other things I'm sure we would all like to live without. But the fact of the matter is that it will never go away therefore we must learn how to adapt to it, and how to manage it. 
     So I decided to write this post, although it is more serious, because I know this is a stressful time for everyone not just us highschoolers who have to deal with midterms at the moment, which is my number 1 stress factor.

Here are some tips that will help you through some stressful times:
1. "Me" Time- Even though hanging out with friends and going out is great for letting loose amd relaxing, I prefer to do that after I get everything I needed to accomplish done, as a rewarding outing. Instead, leave some time in between working or studying for yourself. Sit down on the couch and read that book that has been on your list for months, catch up on some of your favorite TV shows or watch an old movie, paint your nails while listening to music or take a nice bubble bath.Whatever helps you to blow off some steam and to just spend some time with yourself.

2.Power off- One of my goals this year is to stop being on my phone so much. My phone is seriously like my best friend- we are always together. But sometimes you need to step away from the phones and ipads and tablets and you just have to let youurslef take a break forom the rest of the world.

3.Tea-Step away from all the coffee people! when you are stressed coffee just makes you jittery and cranky, and the caffeine isn't good in these situations.
Lately I have been substituting my coffee for a chai tea latte and not only is it delicious but its a proven fact that tea is the number one drink for relaxation. Just bundle up in bed and enjoy a cup, add it to your "Me" time:)

So this post ended up being way longer than intended but if anyone does end up reading through all this I hope i was able to give you some helpful tips.

What are some things you do to blow off some steam? comment below!


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